Thursday, December 31, 2015

To My Readers

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It's been a pleasure to share my writings with you over the past decade. I look forward to staying connected.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Uncertainty Extends Its Hand to Dance with Us

Halloween is a-coming. My little one will be dressing up as a rainbow. She’s excited by her costume; she loves her carved pumpkin jack-o-lantern; and even though she doesn’t yet know it’s for collecting candy, she’s thrilled with her new plastic pumpkin bucket. She is enjoying the season!

I’ve never been much for Halloween in the secular sense. But it’s fun to share it with my daughter and witness her pleasure. My own connection with the season is the magic I feel as we approach Samhain, the Celtic festival marking the gateway to winter.

Samhain, celebrated on October 31, is considered one of two particularly magical times of the year when “the veil between the worlds” is at this thinnest. It’s a potent time to connect with the spirits of nature and with our ancestors (or future progeny) — those who dwell in spirit, rather than body. It’s a time to remember that there’s more to the world than what we can see with our physical eyes or sense with our physical senses. It’s a time to come alive to what we perceive even if that’s not something we can prove. It’s a time for celebrating mystery, for dancing in the darkness.

Dancing in the darkness is a nice metaphor for how to gracefully handle the uncertainties of life. To dance with something is to be in dynamic, responsive relationship with it. Dancing involves your whole body, not just your mind. (Notice the differences between dancing with uncertainty and cringing from it. Doesn’t dancing sound like way more fun?)

Whatever is uncertain in your life, it's time to dance with it.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Let the Full Moon Illuminate Your Path

Every month we are offered the opportunity to work with the full moon.

Occasionally, we are gifted with a super moon, lunar eclipse, or even a super moon lunar eclipse. My sense is that both the monthly full moon and the rarer lunar events are markers — calls to pay attention. (Same goes for earthly events, too — like birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, deaths, moves, and mundane serendipities.)

There’s definitely an energy to lunar cycles (the moon does pull the tides, after all). But rather than accord to someone else’s story of a full moon or heavenly, ask yourself:

What does this heavenly event mean to me?
Where am I at in my life right now?
What would I say this full moon invites me to explore?

Are you…
contemplating a move?
considering a new job?
leaving a relationship?
expecting a baby?
opening a new business?
closing an existing one?

At the very moment you make a heavenly event meaningful, you open up a doorway into the story of your own creation. You say: “My life is about this.”

So much of my work is about story. I listen to the underlying narrative in my clients’ stories. I track the through-lines. I remind my clients of their subtext and their context when they’re tangled up in the text itself.

We are all authors of own stories. Though, sadly, some people don’t credit themselves with that authorship. Their names may appear on the cover — My Life Story by Jane Doe — but the story itself seems to have a ghostwriter. Literally. 

If some part of your story is being written by a ghost, authored by the specter of painful past experiences, I invite you to use the occasion of a full moon or notable heavenly event to ask for one or more of several things:

Powers of the universe, grant me…
freedom from the past,
awareness of my being totally at choice in this moment,
courage to design fresh goals,
and the power to achieve them.

Every act of creation takes courage. And that includes the creative act of authoring your life through the choices you make and the meaning you construct about your choices and your circumstances.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Career Change Requires Creativity and Courage

Thinking about your career? It’s time to get creative... and courageous.

When I was a little kid and adults asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my first response — no hesitation — was always: President of the United States. When I got follow up questions about how I planned to become President, I would say: "I'll be a gymnast. And a writer."

I tried on lots of career possibilities in my mind as I grew up. Lawyer. Engineer. International jewel thief. (In that fantasy, I imagined myself savvy, sleek, and elegant — equal parts James Bond and Cat Woman.)

I settled on advertising copywriter when I started college. Copywriting merged with graphic design and, voila, my first career was born. Some twists and turns and many years later, and now my career is what you see at — coaching, consulting, creations.

Even though art-making is integral to my work, I did not dream of being an artist when I was young. I was praised for my writing, not for my visual art. And the idea of being a "transformative coach" never crossed my mind. Who had ever heard of "coach" outside of sports?

As a child, I couldn't imagine my current career. I am not the same person I was when I was an ambitious toddler angling for the Presidency. I've changed. (Or parts of me have, anyway.) More importantly, the world has changed.

Hear that: The world has changed. And it will continue to change.

40 years ago, my current career was unheard of. What new-fangled careers will be created over the next 40 years? You may not be able to imagine the work you'll be doing in 10 years, let alone 40. In fact, that work may not even exist yet.

If you're seeking a career change, hold off on updating your resume. Update your point of view first.

Look at the world around you as it is right now. What do you have to offer the world right now? What interests you right now? What does the world want or need right now? The world's wants/needs + your interests + what you have to offer — all in present time — where those things intersect is the rich territory of your career.

That sweet spot in the middle of your personal Venn diagram? You may not find it advertised on Craiglist. Or LinkedIn. Or your industry's job board.

You may have to create it.

All creative acts take courage.

Here's the thing about courage. It isn't a piece of equipment or a credential or something to get before you take a risk. It's something you experience when you take the risk.

(You may need the equipment or the credential to actualize your career potential. But these things are not a replacement for courage.)

My prayer for you: May you have the courage and creativity to actualize your career potential.

And if you're looking for support in the process… you know how to reach me.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Coaching for Creative Souls

This is my altar. Literally. It is a photo of my watercolor box, my prayerful companion over many years. Creativity, in all its forms, is prayer to me.

If your creative soul yearns to express itself, come work with me. Play with me. Pray with me. We'll dig deep and empower the magic that dwells within you.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Work Will Show You How to Do It

Feeling stuck? Don't worry about clarity or inspiration. Stay focused on the work itself.

"Genius is one percent inspiration 
and ninety-nine percent perspiration."
— Thomas Edison

“The work will show you how to do it.”
— Estonian Proverb

You’re writing a book. (Or you want to.) You’re designing a training program. (Or you’re supposed to be.) You’re working on a series of paintings. (Or you said you were.) You’re composing a song. (Or you'd intended to.) You’re committed to a career change. (Or you thought you were.)

But you’re stuck. You’re stalled. You’re uninspired. You don’t know what you want to say, exactly. You don’t know what you want it to look like. You don’t know where it’s all headed. You don’t know; you don’t know; you don’t know. You’re praying for clarity before you start. You want to know how it’s going to turn out, before you do it. But the inspiration hasn’t come. The clarity hasn’t arrived. And it’s scary to face the big creative unknown.

Here is a dose of courage: Dive in.

Don’t look for inspiration OUT THERE. Don’t even look for inspiration INSIDE YOURSELF. Forget about clarity for the moment. Just keep at your craft. Put the words on paper. The paint on the canvas. The notes on the keyboard. The song into the microphone. Wherever it belongs. The inspiration will come. The clarity will come. I promise. It will come.

It will come when you’re on a walk. It will come when you’re three (or thirty) pages deep into what seems like nonsense you’re writing. It will come when you’re in the shower. It will arrive in your dreams. It will come after you’ve drafted something terrible.

Your brilliance will sparkle through. An insight here. An aha there. And your awareness, your presence to your own process will notice it.

You will, as Thomas Edison says, perspire. But if you are willing to show up to the work, it will show you how to do it.

And if you need help along the way, reach out.

More articles on Achieving Your Heart's Desire at

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Take Inventory of Your Dreams. Then Take Action.

When did you give up on your dreams?

Was it when you tried out an idea and it failed? Was it when you ran a dream through the reality-checker mind-machine and it came up “unrealistic?” Was it when you told your parent/friend/spouse and they scoffed/cringed/laughed?

Or have you never given up?

Have you held your dreams safe in your heart over all these years?

Go ahead and check. See if that special dream (the one you dare not say aloud) is still in your heart. Right now — take a peek.

Do you still wish you could have that dream come true?

Maybe you don’t. Some dreams have definite expiration dates. Or maybe you’ve outgrown the dream and it just doesn’t resonate anymore.

But if you do still wish that dream would come true (and in your heart, you know if you do), then turn your gaze to tonight’s full moon and make a wish. No. Not a wish. An offering.

Offer up your dream to whatever great Power you believe in. (And if you don’t believe in a Power “out there” then put your faith in the Power in YOU.)

Say out loud:

This is my dream. (Describe your dream.)

It is my heart’s desire that this dream manifest. I offer it up to You.

I will act on behalf on this manifestation. And I invite Your help. I open my heart and mind to receive Your help.

I will continue to act on behalf of this manifestation even if Your help is not evident to me. In which case, please also open my eyes to see Your help more clearly.

I affirm Your Power and my own.

What’s your next step? Take it, take it, take it…